Annette Lobato, AMFT

Clinical Therapist

Annette Lobato, BA, Mental Health Counselor at Bright Road Recovery Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery Program

Annette Lobato, AMFT, is a Clinical Therapist at Bright Road Recovery.  Her years of working with homeless veteran families and adolescents with trauma has strengthened her counseling skills in empathy, flexibility and acceptance. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is currently working towards her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of La Verne. Her passion to expand her knowledge and best practices for recovery has influenced her desire to work with eating disorder recovery patients.

Seeing clients feel safe and empowered to explore and grow into a more fulfilled and authentic self is the most rewarding aspect of working with eating disorder patients for Annette.  My goal as a Mental Health Counselor is to help support patients by creating non-judgement and safe space that will allow them to thrive during their recovery process and improve their relationship with food.

Annette finds joy in spending time with her three dogs Rascal, Chase, and L.J., as well as her partner.  During her free time you can find her baking, hiking, dog walking, traveling, and enjoying movies.



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