Clarissa Santisteban

Nutrition Program Manager

In her role as Nutrition Program Manager, Clarissa Santisteban coordinates with the Bright Road Recovery registered dietitians to provide meal plans that meet each of our patient’s nutritional needs.  Clarissa is responsible for our delicious menus, creatively combining interesting ingredients and a variety of cuisines.

Clarissa especially enjoys working collaboratively with staff and patients to plan the  exciting food activities and meal outings that offer patients a chance to practice what they are learning in program.  As an integral part of patients’ healing process, Clarissa models a positive relationship with food accompanied with friendly encouragement and support.

Clarissa will complete her Bachelor of Science degree  in Food & Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics from Cal Poly Pomona in the spring 2019. Her educational experience includes courses in Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education and Nutrition Counseling. Coupled with her with  her two years as a Bright Road Recovery nutrition assistant, Clarissa has developed motivational interviewing skills to work with and assist adolescents and adults who may be experiencing ambivalence toward recovery. She looks forward to becoming a registered dietitian herself, dedicated to helping patients who are experiencing an eating disorder as well as those with disordered eating.

Clarissa’s interest in  nutrition and dietetics comes from the desire to pass on this knowledge to her future family. The career choices of her own parents strongly influenced herself and her siblings, and Clarissa is committed to choosing a field that will make a positive impact in the lives of her own family. It is especially rewarding for her to support patients, family and friends as they seek to nurture their relationship with food as well as develop their connection and appreciation of who they are.

In her personal time, Clarissa finds practicing aerial arts outdoors provides her with peace, challenges to overcome and a great connection with nature. Her food philosophy is all about adventure.  She loves to try new cuisines, experiment with food textures and flavors, and delights in sharing her delicious discoveries with others.



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