Erica Calderon-Vargas, BS

Nutrition Assistant

Erica Calderon-Vargas, BS, is a Nutrition Assistant at Bright Road Recovery. She brings compassion, organization, gentle firmness and love of cooking to her work with our program patients.  Erica is dedicated to working with each patient to encourage a healthy relationship with both food and their bodies.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Cal Poly Pomona and plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, with an emphasis in community health promotion.  Erica’s educational and life experience is grounded in the Hispanic/Latino community, including nutrition education classes in Spanish at the Riverside Department of Education annual Head Start Conference.

Erica has a passion for cooking. She especially enjoys the aspect of exposing Bright Road Recovery patients to beautiful and nutritious foods from many cuisines. She loves to motivate and educate patients about the basics of nutrition and to encourage a more relaxed approach to food and eating.

In her free time, Erica enjoys recharging her mind and soul at the beach. She loves being a big sister to an amazing little boy as well as cooking and spending time with her family.