Gloria Cervantes, BS

Mental Health Counselor

Gloria Cervantes the Clinical Case Coordinator at Bright Road Recovery. Volunteering in elementary school classrooms and working with children with autism have led Gloria to cultivate great compassion, patience, and high flexibility. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is currently studying to apply for grad school. She is greatly interested to learn about trauma and its effects on the brain & body. She would like to further her education and one day contribute to the ongoing research on trauma, and guide others to overcome its troubling effects. 

Seeing our patients find their own strength and voice as they surpass their goals is the most rewarding aspect of working with patients at Bright Road Recovery. Encouraging others and helping them in any way she can is something that Gloria strives for every day.

Gloria is a runner, she enjoys running in the evenings as she watches the sun set. On the weekends, Gloria enjoys reading, hiking, and exploring the outdoors with her loved ones.