Jessica Angel, MS, RDN

Director of Clinical and Nutrition Services

Jessica Angel, MS, RD, Ed is a Clinical Dietitian at Bright Road Recovery. Her nutritional counseling style is grounded in compassion and understanding.  She works with men, women and children in need of nutritional therapy at all levels of outpatient care.

Jessica holds a Master of Nutrition Science degree from Loma Linda University, and completed her internship rotations at Loma Linda University Hospital. She also holds a post baccalaureate degree in education from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, and has a secondary teaching credential in biology and health sciences.

Jessica understands the impact eating disorders have on individuals and their families.  She is dedicated to helping patients heal their relationship with food. Jessica utilizes evidence-based practices such as exposure response prevention therapy, motivational interviewing and an all-foods-fit approach to recovery.

Jessica thinks of herself as part counselor and part cheerleader/coach. She seeks to motivate and support patients by identifying and building on their strengths, and using kind and firm encouragement to overcome the difficulties patients can face in their recovery.  

Using a whole-person perspective to treatment, Jessica takes the time to learn about her clients’ passions and goals to further support them in their recovery. “My goal is to motivate my patients; to help them become more mindful and to find peace in their relationship with food,” Jessica states. “I believe that by helping patients reconnect with food and their feelings, they are more able to move through the world with a sense of freedom and confidence.”

When she is not working with patients, Jessica is enjoys home renovations, Crossfit, cooking and doing research.