Kristia Oney, RYT

Director of Mindfulness and Movement Therapies

Kristia Oney RYT, is the Yoga Therapy and Social Media Director at Bright Road Recovery. She brings mindfulness, gentle playfulness, and creativity to her work in yoga therapy and her role as the social media director. She facilitates yoga therapy groups for eating disorder recovery with adolescents and adults.  Kristia uses yoga to help clients integrate what eating disorders fragment: mental, emotional, and physical.

Kristia holds a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies and Theater Performance from Oklahoma City University. During her time in Oklahoma, she served as the event and volunteer coordinator for the Oklahoma Eating Disorder Association. Kristia has several years of experience in working with adolescents. Her favorite were the years she served as Director of Youth Outreach at St. Stephens UMC  in Norman, Oklahoma, where she helped organize and facilitate YOTSO (Youth Open to Sexual Orientation) a youth group that served as a safe social space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning teens.

Through the healing art and practice of yoga, Kristia creates a safe space where patients can learn to feel again and begin to process those feelings. She helps clients rediscover the connection to the emotional, mental and physical body by caring for the whole person. This is the most rewarding part of working with eating disorder patients for Kristia.

Kristia enjoys rock climbing, hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with her two very loved puppies. She also loves music theater and is a huge Disney fan. Kristia also loves going on spontaneous adventures.