Summer Dowd-Lukesh, AMFT


Summer Dowd-Lukesh, AMFT, brings compassion and joy to her work as a Clinical Therapist. Summer specializes in helping clients reconnect to a sense of safety in their bodies through trauma informed therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR. Summer is passionate about helping clients tap into the meaning of their experiences through an exploration of post traumatic growth.

Summer holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She has worked with men, women, and children with diverse mental health conditions, and has especially enjoyed her work with teenagers. Working with trauma related conditions including dissociative disorders, addiction, and anxiety, she had developed a method of practice that includes trauma reprocessing, mindful relaxation, and strengths-based meaning making.

Reconnecting individuals with their gratitude, dreams, and passions is the most rewarding part of working with patients for Summer. She loves to support clients growth and development and to watch them gain strength, confidence, and autonomy as they learn more about their experiences and goals.

Summer enjoys walking in new cities, cooking, podcasts, and practicing her French. She used to be a teacher, and credits her experience in the classroom as igniting her passion for mental health and the power of a therapeutic relationship. Summer loves to spend time with clients discussing their dreams for the future, their connection to gratitude and joy, and what brings meaning to their lives.