Alyssa Davis, MS, RD

Clinical Dietitian

Alyssa Davis, MS, RD is a Clinical Dietitian at Bright Road Recovery.  She connects quickly and easily with clients with her warmth and affirmative attitude, as she helps them achieve their nutritional goals and move toward recovery from their eating disorders.  

Alyssa likes to work with her clients in a way that builds on their strengths using  positive affirmation, and she is great at designing creative solutions to overcome clients’ challenges.  She knows that each client is unique and plans her treatment based on each client’s individual needs.  Alyssa takes a positive and motivational approach to help clients handle their anxiety or fear about food issues.  

Alyssa earned her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University.  She completed internship rotations at various locations including Kaiser Permanente and WIC and EXOS Athletes’ Performance, Inc.  Working in such vastly different settings has provided her with a wide range of experience that is helpful for effective interaction with her clients.

She is passionate about nutrition education and possesses a diverse background in clinical and community and sports nutrition settings. She particularly enjoys the endless opportunities she has to learn and grow in her field, so she can offer up-to-date nutritional information to her clients.  She genuinely loves working with and treating her clients, and she focuses on their strengths while helping them address problems.

Alyssa enjoys baking, cooking, and will go to the beach whether it’s sunny or cloudy!  She loves playing on a community softball league, and watching softball and basketball on TV.  She also spends time reading, hiking, and traveling.