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Intensive Outpatient Program

Why IOP?

Intensive outpatient program is most often attended by patients who have completed higher levels of eating disorder recovery care and are stepping down in their treatment. IOP is the lowest level of program-based treatment, and allows patients to maintain their progress while moving toward outpatient-only support with their therapist, dietitian, physician, and/or psychiatrist.

For some patients who have never been in a higher level of care, IOP can be a great place to start to receive the additional support you need to begin your recovery.  

Most patients in this level of care have work or school commitments.  Our program is designed with flexibility in mind so you can continue work and academic obligations while receiving the care you need for recovery.


Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is three hours in length each day and patients typically attend three to five days per week. The number of days patients attend will vary based on what the insurance provider approves and what the Bright Road Recovery treatment team determines is medically necessary for eating disorder treatment.
Intensive outpatient program treatment is beneficial for individuals who are in school or are working and still need more recovery support than they receive in outpatient therapy alone. 
At the IOP level of care, patients receive:
  • regular medical and psychiatric monitoring
  • group therapy 
  • a supported meal each program day
  • weekly nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian

Patients continue to see their own therapist outside of program for individual therapy and/or family therapy, one or more times per week.

The IOP program hours vary based upon each patient’s scheduling needs. This flexibility allows us to tailor a treatment program that can accommodate outside commitments.

Getting Started

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