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Nutrition Counseling

How can nutrition counseling help?

Whether you want to work on your diet to improve your physical fitness and performance, increase your energy levels or just learn about healthy eating, Bright Road Recovery’s team of experienced Registered Dietitians are available for nutritional counseling.

One-on-one sessions will allow you to assess and address any nutritional issues you’re concerned about. Your Bright Road Dietitian will develop a meal plan tailored to your specific goals. If you are considering incorporating a popular diet into your lifestyle, our Dietitians offer the best way to make these changes healthy and effective.

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  • General Health Coaching
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition Tune-Up
  • Eating Disorder Treatment and  Recovery Support

Bright Road Recovery is a place where you can challenge food and eating issues in a supportive, multi-disciplinary program, staffed with experienced therapists and dietitians.

Whether you’re concerned about your ability to provide yourself with healthful meals and snacks in the midst of a stressful  and overwhelming schedule or whether you’re stepping down from a higher level of eating disorder treatment, Bright Road Recovery is a place to challenge seemingly intractable eating patterns or continue work on a healthful meal plan.

We offer several options to meet your needs.

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